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Our Services

Security Audits

  • Cybersecurity audits

  • Security standards audit (CIS)

  • Security standards audit (NIST)

  • Threat and risk assessments

Security Governance

  • Security policies

  • Security standards

  • Security processes

  • Security procedures

Risk Management

  • Risk assessment

  • Risk scenarios

  • Gap analysis

  • Business impact analysis (BIA)

Security Programs

  • Security program development

  • Security baseline development

  • Security strategy

  • Security roadmap

Security Advisory

  • Advisory services

  • Security portfolio management

Cloud Security

  • Cloud security assessment

  • Cloud deployment audit (M365)

  • Microsoft Azure security

  • Microsoft Office365 security

Security Awareness

  • Security awareness programs

  • Security training programs

Security Plans

  • Business continuity plans (BCP)

  • Disaster recovery plans (DRP)

  • Cyber Incident response plans (CIRP)

Enterprise Security

  • Security frameworks

  • Security architecture review


About Secured Approach

Strategic cybersecurity advisors since 2019

Who we are?


Secured Approach is a cybersecurity consulting company focusing on cybersecurity threat and risk assessment, security auditing, and advisory services.


Our mission is to help small and medium organizations understand their security risks and gaps, meet regulatory compliance and implement necessary security controls to protect their data from threats like cyber-criminals and hackers.

What makes us unique?

What makes us unique is that we understand the challenges organizations have when it comes to dedicating the necessary time and budget to choose, deploy and enforce the right security policies and solutions.

The good news is... We can guide your business through this journey. Secured Approach can analyze your risk exposure and guide you through the process of implementing critical security solutions to improve your security posture and protect your business without excessive effort or investment.


Finally, no business is 100% secure. But, with our experience, passion and dedication, we can reduce your risks and data breach impacts and make your organization less exposed to cyber-attacks.

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