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Vulnerability Management

A vulnerability is a weakness or flaw that can be exploited by a threat actor, such as an attacker, to perform unauthorized actions within a computer system. We can help you to use a systematic and secured approach to identify, quantify, and prioritize these vulnerabilities and put a plan to remediate and mitigate them.

Threat Analysis

Threat analysis is the process of determining the credibility and seriousness of a potential cyber threat. We can help you build a scope and start identifying and analyzing your business's cyber exposure based on their severity and probability.

Risk Assessment

Risk is the potential of losing, damaging, compromising or breaching your assets as a result of a cyber threat exploiting a vulnerability. A cybersecurity risk assessment help identifies these various assets that could be affected by a cyberattack as well as identifying and assessing the potential risks associated with these assets. We don’t only help you with performing the risk assessment, but we also help with building an action plan to mitigate these risks and protect your assets and business in a systematic and secured approach.


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Our Vision...

We believe cybersecurity is a subject that everyone should take seriously, including small businesses. Potential cyber-attacks are just a matter of time. Therefore, risk mitigation procedures should always be reviewed and updated. We believe in helping others put a practical action plan most affordably and without any rhetorical reports or unclear goals. Even with no budget, you should be able to achieve the necessary protection and security hygiene. Following our vetted and secured approaches, you should be able to boost your cyber confidence and let you focus on your business and clients.

Why Us...

Cybersecurity is a broad topic with many moving parts; even minor changes might affect your cybersecurity posture and increase your cybersecurity risk factor. It could become a costly journey between consultation, professional services and solution deployments. We can help you gain full visibility into what's happening in your environment first, and then help you protect your business following a step-by-step approach and mitigate the risks one at a time.

About Us...

SecuredApproach is a cybersecurity company with a focus on cybersecurity threat and risk assessment initiatives. Our mission is to help small and medium organizations understand their cybersecurity risks and gaps, meet regulatory compliance and implement necessary security controls to protect their sensitive data.

As external and internal cyber threats grow, organizations responsible for critical infrastructure need to have a clear and repetitive approach to identifying, evaluating and managing cyber risks. This approach is necessary regardless of the organization's size, its risk exposure, or its cybersecurity sophistication.


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