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Secured Approach is specialized in conducting cybersecurity threats and risk assessments, helping organizations identify and understand their risks and implement effective processes, procedures, policies, and technology solutions to protect their information, electronic assets and networks from cyber threats.

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Our Services

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Security Assessments

We perform security threats and risk assessments. We help you identify, analyze, evaluate and document your environment's risks and threats. Together we can put a plan and strategy to tackle these risks and build a more secure environment

Security Programs

We will help you develop a mature cybersecurity program and build security baselines. We will put you on the right track and help you prioritize and strategize your actions to achieve your cybersecurity goals faster and in the most optimized way

Security Awareness

Make your employees aware of the latest cyber threats and risks by providing them with the proper security awareness training. We will help you build a comprehensive security awareness program that transforms your employees into human firewalls

Security Policies

Hate writing security policies or building processes? Let us take care of that. We will provide you with the standard security policies and processes in the industry tailored to your environment


About Secured Approach

Strategic Cybersecurity Consultants Since 2019

Secured Approach is a cybersecurity company with a focus on cybersecurity threats and risk assessment services.


Our mission is to help small and medium organizations understand their cybersecurity risks and gaps, meet regulatory compliance and implement necessary security controls to protect their sensitive data.


As external and internal cyber threats grow, organizations responsible for critical infrastructure need to have a straightforward and repetitive approach to identifying, evaluating and managing cyber risks. This approach is necessary regardless of the organization's size, risk exposure, or cybersecurity sophistication.


What makes us unique is our understanding that cost can deter many organizations from taking the first step to secure their environment. The good news is, there are many approaches that you can adopt and implement to secure your environment at no further cost! And with our experience, skills, and passion for help, we can help your organization be on the right track to achieve your cybersecurity goals.


In the end, remember that no one can be 100% protected against all the cyberattacks, but you can be ahead of the game and harder to get with the proper security controls implemented.

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Don't wait. Act Now.

Follow the below best practices and protect your information and network from threats such as hackers, ransomware and other malicious activities


Enable Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)


Offline Backup
Backup your Data to an Offline Storage frequently


Cloud Backup
Backup your Data to a Cloud Storage frequently


Password Manager
Use Password Manager for all your credentials


Strong Password
Think Passphrases
Use a different Password for each and every account


Update your operating systems and applications frequently


Install Endpoint Security Solution


Security Awareness
Educate yourself and your users about cyber threats



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