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Mastering Incident Response Readiness

Customized to ensure your organization's resilience in the face of cybersecurity incidents.

Incident Response Planning

Prepare, Respond, Recover: Strategic Incident Response Planning for Swift Action and Minimized Impact.

  • Equip your organization with a comprehensive incident response plan tailored to manage cybersecurity incidents effectively and reduce recovery time.

  • Assess and enhance your incident response capabilities against industry standards such as NIST SP 800-61 and ISO/IEC 27035 for optimal preparedness.

  • Strengthen your ability to rapidly identify, respond to, and recover from cybersecurity incidents, ensuring business continuity and protection of critical assets.

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Our Approach

Our focused approach is designed to establish a robust incident response framework for your organization, emphasizing rapid action and resilience.

  • Incident Response Readiness Assessment: We start by assessing your current incident response processes, and identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Collaborating with key stakeholders, we ensure a deep understanding of your organizational structure and operational needs, aligning the incident response plan with your business objectives.

  • Customized Plan Development: Based on our assessment, we develop a tailored incident response plan that addresses specific threats to your organization and outlines clear response strategies.

  • Training and Simulations: We provide comprehensive training for your team, supplemented by simulation exercises to test and refine the incident response plan in practice.

  • Continuous Improvement: Our goal is to not only establish but also maintain an evolving incident response capability that adapts to new threats and incorporates lessons learned from incidents and exercises.

When to Initiate Incident Response Planning?

  • Proactive Security Posture Establishment: Before an incident occurs, to ensure preparedness and minimize potential impacts.

  • Following a Security Incident: To analyze and strengthen existing protocols, preventing future breaches.

  • Annual Plan Review and Update: Regularly update your incident response plan to address new threats and incorporate operational changes.

  • Technology Deployment: When introducing new systems or technology, to integrate incident response considerations from the start.

  • Regulatory Compliance Reviews: Ensuring your incident response plan meets current legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Organizational Changes: During significant organizational changes that may affect your incident response capabilities or require adjustments to the plan.

Why Secured Approach?

Unmatched Expertise for Your Peace of Mind

Our team brings a wealth of experience in threat and risk assessment, particularly attuned to the unique needs of startups and organizations of all sizes.
We excel in helping businesses like yours not only identify but effectively manage and mitigate risks associated with their operations.

Customized Deliverables for Actionable Insights

Expect tailored deliverables and reports from us, replete with detailed technical analysis, data flow diagrams, asset inventories, real-world risk scenarios, and practical recommendations. Each deliverable is crafted to provide clear, actionable insights specific to your business context.

Continuous Support for Lasting Security

Our commitment extends beyond the delivery of our findings. To ensure long-term improvement, we offer complimentary follow-up assessments at six and twelve months. These evaluations aim to track and enhance your progress towards a robust security posture, demonstrating our dedication to not just identify but help you continually address and resolve cybersecurity challenges.

Certified Excellence You Can Trust


Your Security, Our Priority

With Secured Approach, you gain more than just an assessment; you gain a partner committed to enhancing your cybersecurity resilience. Let us help you turn your cybersecurity concerns into well-managed risks.

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